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Span 20 CAS NO.1338-39-2

  • FOB Price: USD 1.00-3,000.00 /Metric Ton Get Latest Price
  • Min.Order: 4 Metric Ton
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Quick Details

  • ProName: Span 20
  • CasNo: 1338-39-2
  • Molecular Formula: C18H34O6
  • Appearance: Amber viscous grease;Light yellow wax ...
  • Application: emulsifier,stabilizer, plasticizer, mo...
  • PackAge: Packed in 200KG iron drum;stored and t...
  • ProductionCapacity: 5000 Metric Ton/Year
  • Storage: Storage period: 1 year. Should be kept...
  • LimitNum: 4 Metric Ton


span-sorbitan fatty acid esters synonyms: sorbitan fatty acid ester sorbitan ester of fatty acid sorbitan ester span chemical composition: sorbitan stearate,sorbitan monooctadecanoate. cas no.: 1338-3…


Span-Sorbitan Fatty Acid Esters Synonyms: Sorbitan Fatty Acid Ester Sorbitan Ester of Fatty Acid Sorbitan Ester Span Chemical Composition: Sorbitan stearate,Sorbitan monooctadecanoate. CAS No.: 1338-39-2,1338-43-8 Properties and Uses: S-20 CAS No.:1338-39-2 1. Soluble in oil and organic solvent, dispersed in water to make semi-cream liquid. 2. Used as water in oil(W/O) emulsifier, stabilizer, plasticizer, moisturizer, drying agent in medical and cosmetics industry; used as softener, anti-static agent and finishing agent in textile; also used as mechanical lubricant; used as addition type anti-fogging agent, enjoys good anti-fogging performance at primary stage and low temperature; applicable to PVC(1~1.5%),polyolefine film(0.5~0.7%) and EVA film. 3. Used as mechanical lubricant and emulgator in petroleum and paint industry. S-40 CAS NO.:26266-57-9 1.Soluble in oil and organic solvents. Dispersed in hot water. 2. Used as emulgator and dispersant in food and cosmetics; Emulsification stabilizer in polymerizing emulsion;dispersant for printing ink; addictives for waterproof paint in textile and dispersant in oil emulsification; widely used as antifogging agent for polymers, 1~1.7%in PVC agricultural film and 0.5~0.7% in EVA. S-60 CAS NO.:1338-41-6 1. Insoluble in water;dispersed in hot water; good w/o emulsifier; strong emulsification, dispersion and lubrication performance; stabilizer and antifoaming agent. 2.Used as emulsifier in food industry; Used in the production of drinks, milk candies, ice-cream, bread, cakes, malt milk, margarine, chocolate etc;In textile, used as anti static agent of acrylic fibers;Used as emulgator, stabilizer in food, agrochemicals, medicine, cosmetics, paint, plastic industry; used as antifogging agent for thin film,like PVC, EVA, PE etc. Use Level: 1.5~1.8% in PVC; 0.7~1% in EVA. S-80 CAS No.: 1338-43-8 1. Weak Solubility in water;soluble in hot oil and organic solvents;advanced lipophilic emulsifier. 2. Used as W/O emulsion explosive, nylon and rayon cord oil agent, has good smoothing effect on fiber; Used in emulsification in machinery, paint, chemicals and explosives;preparation agent of textile;emulgator of artesian well weighted mud in petroleum drilling and producing of food and cosmetic; dispersant in beaded paint and pigment; Stabilizer in titanium pigment production; insecticide, wetting agent and emulgator in pesticide;co-solvent of oil production, antirust addictive of slushing oil, lubricant and softening agent of textile and leather. 3.Used as antifogging agent for thin film, good antifogging performance at primary stage and low temperature. Use Level: 1~1.5% in PVC; 0.5~0.7% in polyolefin. S-85 CAS No: 26266-58-0 1. Slightly soluble in isopropyl alcohol, perchlorethylene, cottonseed oil, etc. 2. Mainly used as emulgator, thickener and rust inhibitor in medicine, cosmetics, textile, paint and petroleum industry.

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